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Grid view of several pages from the Western Summit Website

Taking Western Summit higher

Western Summit is an insurance brokerage offering specialized coverage solutions inside a national network for health care professionals. They chose me to reimagine and revitalize their brand. Since personal relationships are the heart of their business, I delivered a logo, typography, color palette and imagery focused on communicating friendliness and optimism. 

visualization of Western Summit Logo, brand colors and alternative logo forms.
New Western Summit logo based on illustration of mountains

An all-new marketing site

After laying the groundwork for a new brand expression, I worked with their team to craft fresh marketing copy, and then built a custom Webflow marketing site representing the wide range of products they offer on top of a branded design system ready to support future growth. The technical SEO strategy is working like a charm and user engagement is through the roof.

Two pages from new Western Summit Website.
Screenshot of a Western Summit Website page.

Special thanks goes out to project manager, James Mulbry and copywriter, Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan who made this project so gratifying.

After 2 of my largest carrier clients called and asked if I'd ever seen my website, I realized I needed help. Working with Mace was easy—he listens well and has great ideas. Our new site both engages the visitor while concisely conveying our company’s services and products.

Russ Madio, president of Western Summit Insurance company.
Russ Madio

President Western Summit