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Collage of redesigned online portfolio pages for contemporary fine arts client.

A fine art portfolio site

In the art works of Bea Ortiz galaxies are mapped with the greatest sensitivity and ornate webs of interconnectivity are revealed. When she decided to move her previous portfolio off of WordPress she chose to work with me to create a fully customized environment for presenting her work. A bulky international typographic style was employed to reflect the gravity and sophistication of her artistic ambitions. Animated interactions were tailored to heighten user engagement. Deep customizations were included in full-screen presentation tools allowing for accurate representation of large image groupings.

Collage of web pages for contemporary fine arts client.
Webpages showing custom lightbox for fine arts client portfolio.

I've worked with Bea on several projects. Her attention to detail and the care she dedicates to realizing her visions is awe-inspiring.

I had a great experience working with Mace, easy to work with, creative, super talented and professional. His familiarity with the arts and attentive listening made me feel he got what my work is about, helping me in very diverse projects that required a high level of presentation, from my website to promotional materials involved with art shows, pdf presentations, to videos of my art process and performances. A man of many hats, I love that capacity and ability to take on such a wide range of projects. I highly recommend Mace.

Portrait of contemporary fine arts client, Bea Ortiz.

Fine Artist