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Overview of redesigned website for regional non-profit arts organization.

The art of branding

AMR Artists is a community-based arts organization located in upstate New York dedicated to connecting the creators of their region with visitors and local art lovers. Their events, especially an annual open studio tour inject cultural vibrancy in their area. When they reached out to me to transfer their content off of WordPress and develop a feature-rich website that would be easy to maintain, we agreed that we needed to start with rebrand.

A color palette and logo were developed to reflect the region's soft mountainous landscape and the spirit of creativity at the center of their community. A contemporary simplicity was employed to appeal to the urban tourists and second-homers that support AMR's efforts.

Branded color palette for regional arts organization.
Redesigned art organization logo.

A feature-rich site on a tight deadline? No problem.

I developed custom built solutions for complex filters allowing users to sort the artist list by category and location and developed a flexible multi-layered lightbox environment providing a range of customizable options for presenting art works. Complex application forms simplified member engagement and site maintenance. AMR has had a terrific response from their members and donors.

Custom CMS manages dynamic artist directory. Custom CMS manages dynamic artist directory. Custom CMS manages dynamic artist directory. Custom CMS manages dynamic artist directory. Custom CMS manages dynamic artist directory.
Collage of dynamic pages showing artist entries for non-profit arts organization website.

The ever-thoughtful and attentive tour director, Rebecca Andre was an ideal collaborator throughout the development of this project.

Mace crafted a stunning and user-friendly website for the AMR Open Studios Tour, accepting the challenge of a tight deadline and multiple moving parts. His re-branding package was the breath of fresh air this non-profit arts organization needed. We have received so many compliments on our makeover and continue to attract new participants and sponsors.

Rebecca Andre is the the tour director for AMR Artists in the catskills of New York.

Tour Director for AMR Artists Inc.